The Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 2

(Myles wanted to play some D&D with my sister and her two daughters, but he and I hadn't had a chance to continue the story. So, we have a time shift to give him a chance to play what I meant to be a one-shot, night or two adventure that takes place shortly after he arrived at Ashgara, approximately 5 days after leaving Zhadon… We'll get a chance to RP his arrival in the next session or two as a kind of flashback sequence…)

Honor Rock was a small frontier settlement a few hours south of where Jace had bid farewell to Fikri Kazemi and slipped off the ship from Oharos. Equipped with the supplies from Fikri's contacts, little more than leather armor, a pair of rusted daggers and a handful of coins, Jace asked around town for possible work and was directed to the local temple.

At the temple, he found a trio of adventures discussing a possible job with the priest, Father Valthrun. The adventures introduced themselves as Alec, a dwarven warrior; Clary, a human cleric; and Magnus, an elven wizard. They offered to split the contract with Jace and he accepted.

Valthrun hired the party to investigate Shadowfell Keep, a ruined castle a day’s ride out of Honor Rock rumored to have been build over a rift to the realm of Shadow. He told the party that a number of villagers have reported goblin activity near the area, and of course, the keep has been the subject of rumors and ghost stories for years. The prevailing myth surrounding the ruins is that the supposed rift to the Shadowfell drove the lord of the keep, Sir Keegan, mad, and he slaughtered his wife and children, as well as several of his men, before finally being subdued and killed. They say the ruins of the keep are haunted now, and the priest believes the tales, and has even heard darker rumors about a cult that may be trying to harness the energy of the Shadow. At the very least, there is some bad stuff going on at the keep, and surely treasure to be had for those more self-centered.

The party accepted the job, but as they were leaving, Jace brushed past the cleric and attempted to pick Valthrun’s pocket. The priest caught him by the wrist and simply smiled, telling him that there was plenty of coin to be had by taking care of business at the keep.

(I was actually impressed that Myles tried to pick the priest's pocket. It was a foolish move, but it fit his personality as rolled on his character sheet, so I kept the consequences extremely low at this point, and gave him Inspiration.)

The four adventurers made their way to the keep and found the upper floors in ruins. However, after a bit of searching they found a partially obscured stairway descending beneath the ruins, and a lot of recent goblin footprints.

(more to come)



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