Goblin prisoner in the ruins of Shadowfell Keep


Splug is a runt, even by goblin standards. His skin is a sickly, pale green and he speaks in a jittery, high-pitched voice, sometimes whining, other times manic.


The heroes found Splug locked in a cell beneath Shadowfell Keep. He was next in line to be worked over by a hobgoblin torturer, but the party defeated his captors and released the poor goblin.

Splug groveled before the party and agreed to show the heroes a secret way to the chambers below, where the “bad men” in robes did their work. He did indeed show the group a secret passage, and they emerged into a dirty bedroom of some sort. Splug warned them all to be very quiet and held back as the party did a quick search of the chamber.

At that point, Splug betrayed the party, calling out “Mastah! Mastah! Deez bad peoples stealing yer stuff!” Before the party could react, Splug fled back into the secret passage, locking it behind him.

At this point, Splug’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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