Touched by an Angel

Session 4

Exploring deeper into the dungeons beneath Shadowfell Keep, Jace's band of adventurers find themselves springing magical traps and facing a swarm of zombies. The party gets cocky when they funnel the undead down a narrow hallway, but a single blow from a zombie ogre drops the warrior, hard. Stuck next to the behemoth and knowing that the monster is nowhere near death, the cleric has to choose: disengage and heal the warrior but give the beast the opportunity to strike one of her remaining two companions; attack and retreat, giving the creature an attack of opportunity; or stand her ground as the last heavily armored defender. She chooses to stand her ground and in one of the most well-timed (and called!) critical hits in my life, she casts a damaging spell that miraculously slays the beast!

Log coming soon…



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