I Love the Smell of Roasted Owlbear in the Morning
Session 6

The party descended to the deepest levels of Shadowfell Keep and encountered members of the Irongut Legion, a nasty tribe of hobgoblins and goblins. One of the goblins set about releasing their savage pet owlbear, but Jace managed to shut him down mere seconds before the cage opened. Magnus saw that the floor of the chamber housing the owlbear was covered in straw and pulled a bead from his Necklace of Fireballs and blew the abyss out of the room, incinerating a goblin and scorching the owlbear, who eventually succumbed to fire damage as it burned to death trapped in its cage.

Mopping up the remaining goblins and hobgoblins was a breeze and the party found itself victorious yet again!

Full adventure log coming soon…

Dead Man's Party
Session 5

(Back to the game after a long hiatus…)

Jace and his companions enter the catacombs and spring a magical trap, animating an angry statue and initiating an infinite spawn of skeletons! Retreating as the horde closed in on them, Magnus (with a little help from some not so subtle DM nudging) figured out the solution to cease the assault.

The party then entered the tomb of Sir Keegan, the prior lord of the keep who went mad and slaughtered his family. Seeking to atone for the insanity brought about by the rift to the Shadowfell far below the keep, Keegan challenged the party's motives and was successfully persuaded to provide what help he could. He offered the party a magical obsidian greatsword named The Black Death.

Full adventure log coming soon…

Touched by an Angel
Session 4

Exploring deeper into the dungeons beneath Shadowfell Keep, Jace's band of adventurers find themselves springing magical traps and facing a swarm of zombies. The party gets cocky when they funnel the undead down a narrow hallway, but a single blow from a zombie ogre drops the warrior, hard. Stuck next to the behemoth and knowing that the monster is nowhere near death, the cleric has to choose: disengage and heal the warrior but give the beast the opportunity to strike one of her remaining two companions; attack and retreat, giving the creature an attack of opportunity; or stand her ground as the last heavily armored defender. She chooses to stand her ground and in one of the most well-timed (and called!) critical hits in my life, she casts a damaging spell that miraculously slays the beast!

Log coming soon…

Easy Pickin's
Session 3

After a brief rest following the battle with Balgron the Fat and his lackeys, Jace and his companions returned down the secret passage that Splug revealed to them and descended down a rocky staircase heading off from the main hallway. At the bottom, they found a natural stone cave with a large pool of fresh water. On a small island in the middle of the pool, they could see a hobgoblin skeleton and a few items of note.

(Myles hasn't played enough D&D yet to know that you never, ever go in the water without fully investigating it first… but I cut him no slack, and the party was surprised as a big blue slime emerged from the water and attacked.)

Seeing loot, Jace's tattooed arm began tingling and he eagerly waded into the water, heading for the island twenty feet away. Suddenly, some of the water coalesced into an amorphous troll-sized blob next to him and lashed out in hunger.

The party spread out around the blue slime and began hammering on it relentlessly. In a ridiculously short period of time, the slime was dead, and the heroes hadn't taken a single wound.

(Okay, this encounter was a modified ochre jelly with a sizable chunk of hp. It SHOULD have been a reasonable challenge for the party of second level characters. Unfortunately for me, none of the characters were using slashing weapons and the mage used only fire damage, so the blue slime never split. Add to that my ridiculously bad attack rolls and this decent challenge became a ROFLstomp.)

After dealing with the slime, Jace made his way across the pool to the island where he found a number of small gems, three Potions of Greater Healing, a sizable amount of gold, and a Ring of Protection. Near the hobgoblin skeleton, Jace also found a wooden tube containing three sheets of parchment. 

The first contained a rough map of the area around Honor Rock, with the location of Shadowfell Keep clearly marked.

The second contained instructions, presumably for the dead hobgoblin, not to get a certain blue nodule wet unless Kalarel is not receptive to some offer. The instructions warned that wetting the nodule would bring "the creature," apparently the blue slime, out of its dormancy, and to only do so from a safe distance followed by a hasty retreat. Seems the hobgoblin missed that part. 

They really should put the warnings before this stuff.

The third note was addressed to Kalarel and was apparently the offer the second note referred to. Signed by Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers, it was an offer to buy any captured humanoids as slaves for Krand's duergar allies in a place called Thunderspire.

Packing away their loot, the party returned up the stairs and continued down the hall. As they neared the end, Jace scouted ahead and found a broken room where a number of goblins were busy with some kind of excavation project. Aside from a couple blocks in the middle of the room and a handful of ledges along the sides, most of the floor had been dug away. Wooden planks connected some of the remaining original floor sections, and a nearby ramp descended to the dug out floor. Besides the goblins, a pair of guard drakes roamed the mazelike excavated areas alongside the goblins.

The party raced in, getting the jump on the goblins, most of whom fell before they got a chance to attack. The remained few, however, proved to be a bit of a nuisance, as they fired their shortbows at the players and then retreated to full cover behind walls and around corners. Still, the party made easy work of them, but found a reasonable challenge in the guard drakes. Concentrating their attacks on one of them allowed the party to take it down, but the other managed to munch away a sizable chunk of the low-level party's hit points.

At the end of the day, though, the heroes succeeded. A thorough search of the room and the goblins' bodies yielded three gems, a few handfuls of coins, and magical Necklace of Fireballs nearly buried by a pile of debris in the corner of the room.

(Myles chose to take a short rest at this point, and as the party had successfully hit the threshold of XP to hit level 3, I allowed him to level up and reset to full hp and refresh all abilities, MMO-style. I might have been a little less lenient for an adult game, but he's 10. I leveled up his companions and Myles was happy to finally get the Assassinate ability…)


The Keep on the Shadowfell
Session 2

(Myles wanted to play some D&D with my sister and her two daughters, but he and I hadn't had a chance to continue the story. So, we have a time shift to give him a chance to play what I meant to be a one-shot, night or two adventure that takes place shortly after he arrived at Ashgara, approximately 5 days after leaving Zhadon… We'll get a chance to RP his arrival in the next session or two as a kind of flashback sequence…)

Honor Rock was a small frontier settlement a few hours south of where Jace had bid farewell to Fikri Kazemi and slipped off the ship from Oharos. Equipped with the supplies from Fikri's contacts, little more than leather armor, a pair of rusted daggers and a handful of coins, Jace asked around town for possible work and was directed to the local temple.

At the temple, he found a trio of adventures discussing a possible job with the priest, Father Valthrun. The adventures introduced themselves as Alec, a dwarven warrior; Clary, a human cleric; and Magnus, an elven wizard. They offered to split the contract with Jace and he accepted.

Valthrun hired the party to investigate Shadowfell Keep, a ruined castle a day’s ride out of Honor Rock rumored to have been build over a rift to the realm of Shadow. He told the party that a number of villagers have reported goblin activity near the area, and of course, the keep has been the subject of rumors and ghost stories for years. The prevailing myth surrounding the ruins is that the supposed rift to the Shadowfell drove the lord of the keep, Sir Keegan, mad, and he slaughtered his wife and children, as well as several of his men, before finally being subdued and killed. They say the ruins of the keep are haunted now, and the priest believes the tales, and has even heard darker rumors about a cult that may be trying to harness the energy of the Shadow. At the very least, there is some bad stuff going on at the keep, and surely treasure to be had for those more self-centered.

The party accepted the job, but as they were leaving, Jace brushed past the cleric and attempted to pick Valthrun’s pocket. The priest caught him by the wrist and simply smiled, telling him that there was plenty of coin to be had by taking care of business at the keep.

(I was actually impressed that Myles tried to pick the priest's pocket. It was a foolish move, but it fit his personality as rolled on his character sheet, so I kept the consequences extremely low at this point, and gave him Inspiration.)

The four adventurers made their way to the keep and found the upper floors in ruins. However, after a bit of searching they found a partially obscured stairway descending beneath the ruins, and a lot of recent goblin footprints.

(more to come)

Stranger in a Strange Land
Session 1

"Wake up, my friend. They are coming for you."

The words drifted through Jace's dreams and pulled him reluctantly from his slumber. He had been dreaming of his past—his father, a humble elf; his mother, a human who left her city life to be with the forest folk; his two younger sisters; the forest where he grew up; his home: Lanathyr, a small but beautiful elven town far from civilization. Memories so precious, so beloved.

And then the attacks. Orcs overran the village and enslaved the elves. Jace's family fled to the forest. Too young to really understand what was going on, Jace met a young orc boy named Vitgut in the woods. The became fast friends, oblivious of the nature of their racial differences.

Eventually, fate struck the two boys, and some of the adult orcs discovered Vitgut and Jace, and demanded the orc youth execute his friend. He refused and was beaten severely for his kindness. Having learned a few tricks from his agile orcish friend, Jace slipped his bonds and fled to the nearest "civilized" town of Kyrenai, leaving his family behind, but vowing to return to them in a few days.

As the words pulled him from his nostalgia-laced dreams, two large men grabbed Jace under the arms and dragged him through a dark passage. Doors burst open and Jace was thrown into the sunlight to a bout of applause.

Jace found himself in a fighting pit and as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings, and suddenly gates opened across the pit from him and a haggard human was thrown into the arena.

A voice called out in a strange language and the two men were forced to fight to the death. Jace knocked the other man unconscious, but refused the killing blow. The two burly guards entered the arena and crushed the loser's skull beneath heavy iron boots, then dragged Jace to a holding pen. From there, Jace rested and contemplated his situation while a number of other duels took place.

It was then that Jace noticed the strange marks on his right arm. A number of faintly glowing sigils had been tattooed or branded on his forearm. From the glow, it was obvious to Jace that these markings were magical, but he had no recollection of how he ended up marked thus.

He examined the markings closely and determined that there were five individual symbols, interlinked with various runes and patterns. The first, closest to his wrist, was a crescent moon shape, horns reaching for his palm. Inside the moon was a hollow circle topped by a solid rectangle. The second resembled a shield, with the shape of an orb-topped scepter within. The third was a flaming scimitar. The fourth sigil reminded Jace of both a flower and a stick figure, but had a few ornamental features that made the shape difficult to interpret. The final sigil, resting just below the hollow of his elbow, was a clenched fist.

The sigils meant nothing to Jace.

(I'm using the old D&D novel, adventure, computer game "Azure Bonds" as the basis for the main storyline for this campaign. I've let Myles know from the beginning that the story is there, the answers to his magical markings can be found in the world, but he is under no obligation to follow that story. I'm letting him lose in this world and if he chooses to ignore the sigils and go on a murder hobo loot fest, that's his prerogative.)

Slightly rested and still weaponless, Jace was thrown out into the arena again, this time facing three ragged humans. The fight was short, and again Jace was victorious. The spectators demanded more action after such a brief brawl, and without even a chance to catch his breath, Jace found himself face-to-face against a mad ape.

The battle was more brutal than before, but Jace managed to pull through, albeit with severe injuries.

The crowd was much appeased.

That night, back in his cell, the voice that had risen Jace from sleep introduced himself as Fikri Kazemi, a fellow prisoner in the fighting pits, although much too thin and old to provide much in the way of entertainment for the bloodthirsty masses.

During his conversation with Fikri, Jace discovered that rather than a few days since his flight to Kyrenai, it had actually been nearly eight months. Furthermore, they weren't even in the temperate land of Ashgara, the only realm Jace had ever known. They were actually prisoners in Zhadon, the capital city of the desert land of Oharos. Fikri warned Jace that a sentence to the Zhadon fighting pits was a death sentence.

Fikri took an unusual interest in Jace, asking about his homeland and about his life prior to his imprisonment. Unfortunately, Jace had few answers to give the native Oharosi. He was only 18 and was too young to really have taken much of an interest in his life thus far.

The next morning Jace found himself dragged back into the arena. Provided with a rusty dagger, he fought a pair of native tribal warriors and was able to defeat them without too much trouble. A short rest in the holding pen later, the guards thrust him back into the pit to a roar of excitement from the assembled crowd, and Jace found himself in a dual against a feral lion.

The two combatants tore each other to shreds and Jace was definitely on Death's door, but as the lion lunged forward for the kill, the crowd roared and Jace rolled underneath the animal and slit the beast's underbelly open, spilling his entrails onto the dirt. (Myles was down to 2 hit points and the lion still had a healthy amount… but Myles rocked a critical hit and was able to end the beast with that final blow!)

Jace was dragged back to his cell as night fell again. The guards brought him a surprisingly large dinner and as they returned to their posts, Fikri called Jace over. He told Jace that he had a wealthy friend that had bribed the guards and booked passage on a ship heading back to Ashgara. Fikri asked Jace if he would like to come along, and the boy agreed immediately.

Later that night, the guards opened Fikri's cell and the Oharosi commanded them to open Jace's too, as well as equip the boy with a pair of daggers and a leather jerkin. The guards obeyed, much to Jace's surprise, then Fikri and Jace fled across the city.

They reached the ship and Fikri admitted that while he had legitimate passage on the ship, Jace did not. A deal was struck with a crewmember, but Jace would have to make the three day voyage shut inside a small crate in the storage hold.

Jace reluctantly agreed.

He climbed into the crate and Fikri handed him a large waterskin and a pouch of dried meat.

"I am sorry, my friend," the Oharosi said as he smiled at Jace, "but this is going to be very, very uncomfortable."

With those words, the crewman lowered the top of the crate, and Jace was engulfed in darkness.

As each nail was driven in, Jace felt the darkness shrink and eventually swallow him, and he wondered if he would go mad…

(These first series of encounters was to give Myles a chance at playing a rogue and let him feel like even getting a weapon and a bit of armor was a decent accomplishment. If Myles ever chooses to return to Zhadon and the realm of Oharos, I have my share of plans. But it's all up to him…)


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