Priest in Honor Rock who hired the heroes to investigate Shadowfell Keep


Valthrun is a human male priest, with dark brown hair, graying around the ears. He is in his 40’s and has a dark, thin beard. He is thin, but appears strong. His eyes are dark and full of little cheer.


Valthrun lives in Honor Rock and serves as the town’s priest. His clerical abilities seem light, but he has been known to heal the sick and wounded and occasionally perform more powerful rituals.

Valthrun hired the party to investigate Shadowfell Keep, a ruined castle a day’s ride out of Honor Rock rumored to have been build over a rift to the realm of Shadow. He told the party that a number of villagers have reported goblin activity near the area, and of course, the keep has been the subject of rumors and ghost stories for years. The priest believes the tales, however, and has heard darker rumors about a cult that may be trying to harness the energy of the Shadow. At the very least, there is some bad stuff going on at the keep, and surely treasure to be had for those more self-centered.

The party accepted the job, but as they were leaving, Jace brushed past the cleric and attempted to pick Valthrun’s pocket. The priest caught him by the wrist and simply smiled, telling him that there was plenty of coin to be had by taking care of business at the keep.


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